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Beijing / China / Restaurants / January 5, 2015

Nestled in an old part of Beijing, mostly well preserved, Source was established in 2005 by the famous Bingbing, in an authentic “siheyuan” – traditional courtyard house (which belonged to a general of the Qing dysnastie). A place of refinement and absolute quietude for lunch or dinner … in Beijing.

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Chinese imaginative and rigorous woman, owner of a famous art gallery (known for her famous Art World Party) and wife of one of the most influential French businessman in the city, Bingbing has designed an unusual restaurant that revisits the Sichuan cuisine for a cosmopolitan and exclusive clientele. In one narrow street just a few steps from Nan Luo Guxiang, in the heart of Beijing, Source, with its two red lanterns adorning the entrance next to the gray brick walls, is not easy to find, it’s a restaurant for insiders and lovers of fine flavors.

© 2012 Source Beijing

Diplomats, businessmen, tourists “in search of authenticity, artists and TV stars coexist here in the small rooms with gleaming hardwood, perched above the roofs of the old town or just in the garden patio. Here the guest does not choose the dishes, he is guided through the maze of one of the most creative and finest cuisine of China.

© 2012 Source Beijing

The chef takes care of everything and changes the menus every week around the great classics of Sichuan cuisine: Imperial Chicken (gong bao ji ding), tea-smoked duck, pork cooked in two stages; meat-flavored fish; spicy tofu, tofu and ground pork cooked in a spicy sauce. Colors, flavors and spices are waiting for you in this timeless restaurant with its wondefull ambience. Guests can also enjoy from the wine list with a great selection of wines from around the world. The patio and small private dining rooms allow everyone to enjoy exquisite moments and appreciate the famous Sichuan cuisine from Source restaurant. A real must …

14 Banchang Hutong, Kuanjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86 10 6400 3736
Menus from 25 to 37 euros without drinks 
Reservation required

© 2012 Source Beijing

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