Eastern flavors in the sky of Paris

Restaurants / December 10, 2013

In “The Zyriab by Noura”, located on the 9th floor of the Institut du Monde Arabe restaurant, Lebanese cuisine is invited gracefully over the rooftops of Paris. Between lovely bright room and panoramic terrace, “The Zyriab by Noura” the most fantastic view on Notre Dame and the french capital from the sky.

Zyriab by Noura

In this unique context, the Noura group, catering Lebanese company honors Eastern culinary culture in a spicy journey with beautiful flavors: Tabouli, hummus, moutabal, batata harra, baked kibbeh, falafel, sojok, Kafta , chick taouk among others. Side desserts, mouhallabié (Lebanese milk pudding flavored with orange blossom) or baklawas (pastries stuffed with almonds, pistachio and pine nuts), which might appeal to fans of sweet temptations.

Lebanese cuisine shines around the finest traditions of the Middle East provided by the talent of the cooks of Noura Group, who want to offer the best in terms of quality.

Harry Vieujot by-P.Parrot

At the head of the restaurant is Harry Vieujot, site manager, who orchestrates the team and ensures the well-being of each client. Experienced professional, Harry Vieujot opened and successfully led the Pourcel House and Rhythmic Sugar Bar & Fooding in Shanghai. Noura group uses its valuable expertise to ensure the appropriate management of the restaurant between lunches, dinners, cocktail parties or events (up to 400 people).

Zyriab by Noura
Institut du Monde Arabe
1 rue des Fossés St Bernard – 9e étage
75005 Paris
Tél. : +33 1 55 42 55 42


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